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Undergraduate Academic Programs

Great Commission University offers the bachelor degree program Bachelor of Arts in Theology and the Certificate in ESL for freshmen and transfer students.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology Degree Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology undergraduate degree program offers four years of school-level training in biblical studies. Students enrolled in this program will study the bible in depth, including doctrinal and historical perspectives. The Bachelor of Arts in Theology program also features core curriculums in general studies and professional studies, with opportunities to apply classroom learning in practical ministry environments. 

Certificate in ESL

Effective writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills are central to Great Commission University’s mission and the hallmark of an educated person. The Certificate in ESL program stresses all aspects of English: speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading , vocabulary, and writing. Coursework is available at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of study. 

Application Deadline

June 15 for Fall Quarter
November 15 for Winter Quarter
January 15 for Spring Quarter