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Academics & Research

Great Commission University is an exciting and friendly place to pursue a serious Christian education. GCU students come from a wide range of age groups, geographical areas, educational backgrounds, and cultural heritages, creating a rich and challenging educational environment. Community and camaraderie are among the fringe benefits of the instructional programs at Great Commission University. Living, working, and worshiping together, students and faculty develop friendships and professional relationships that last a lifetime.

Great Commission University professors understand their academic work to be in the service of the church. Most faculty members have experienced ministry first-hand and all are currently engaged in the life of the church from the local to the national level. A diverse group, our resident faculty includes scholars of different traditions and philosophies; their classes blend practical discussions of pastoral work with deep theological insight.

School concept

Great Commission University is designed to enable men and women to use various skills to reach the ‘network generation’ for Jesus Christ through vocational ministry, and to enable students to achieve a Biblical worldview.

GCU's Core Learning Outcomes


GCU’s core learning outcomes are learning outcomes expected of every Great Commission graduate regardless of program area. They describe core skills and abilities our graduates need to succeed in the professional world, and in a world that demands continuous learning—skills like critical thinking, problem solving, writing, speaking, and the ability to do information research and use technology.

Academic Standards

Learn more about Great Commission’s academic policies for undergraduate and graduate students.

Course Information

Learn more about courses of study at Great Commission University. They are offered as credit or for satisfactory completion on a quarter basis.

Research & Development

The Center for Information Technology emphasizes two strategic initiatives in its program, which complement and often overlap one another: support for training and leadership development and support for linkages and networks among Christian organizations and Biblical higher education institutions.
Great Commission University’s main research field is history, methodology and strategy of Christian mission.