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Forms - Financial Aid Application

Step 1

Go to financial aid program section and read through all updated information concerning scholarship eligibility and criteria.

Step 2

Complete the online financial aid application in full and submit it by deadline. Late application will not be accepted. If you submit it successfully, the automatic notification letter is sent to your email. Students do Not apply directly to named scholarships managed through the GCU Financial Aid Program. The standard financial aid application puts an applicant in consideration for an appropriate scholarship, as determined by the Financial Aid Committee. Please contact the student finance office immediately upon any decision to cancel an application after it has been submitted.

Step 3

Await notification. Financial Aid recipients are notified by email from student finance office regarding award status at least 21 days prior to the tuition payment deadline. Aid amount will be posted to the student account on populi.


Forms - Scholarship Appeal Request Form

Students can appeal their disqualification from financial aid by completing a Scholarship Appeal. Students should provide an explanation of any extenuating circumstances that prevented them from maintaining satisfactory academic progress throughout the quarters in question. Supporting documentation regarding the conditions for appealing will be accepted and reviewed.

Within 15 business days after appeal is received, student will be notified by email as to whether appeal was approved or denied. All appeals are reviewed by an Appeal Review committee and the committee’s decision is final.

Students awaiting a response from either Appeal Review Committee are responsible for paying their tuition fees by the payment deadline to register for classes or to avoid late fees.

To file an appeal:

  • • Complete all section of this form.
  • • Gather supporting documentation.
  • • Meet with adviser to develop an academic plan that will result in meeting standards.


Forms - Tuition Benefit Request Form

To file an appeal:

  • 1. Answer All questions. If the answer is “none” or “not applicable”, it should be so stated. Fill out Completely!
  • 2. Please read tuition benefit guideline carefully in order to figure out what to cover by benefit.
  • 3. Please make sure that you need to submit by the deadline.
  • 4. Late request will not be accepted.