Continuing the Tradition of 135 Years of Faith-Based Education – GCU Inherits Howe Military Academy

With deep gratitude and high respect, Great Commission University (GCU) receives the precious tradition of Christian education performed by Howe Military Academy, the previous owner of the Howe campus, and seeks to reinforce this tradition and carry it on into the future. 

Howe Military Academy was founded in 1884 as a Christian grammar school, under the auspices of the Episcopal Diocese of Indiana. John Badlam Howe, after whom the school was named, had left in his will funds along with the instruction to use them for establishing a school for educating young men for ministry in the Episcopal Church. The will of Mr. Howe was not carried out with exactness, but the school was established and operated in close relation with the Episcopal Church. The school later became a military academy, keeping its basic Christian identity. While there had been daily chapel services in the beginning, this strong commitment to the church was later reduced. The school closed in 2019 due to low enrollment numbers and fiscal challenges, leaving many students, alumni and friends in sadness.

GCU is aware of the long tradition and important role of Howe Military for the surrounding community and LaGrange county, and beyond.

With gratitude and respect, GCU wishes to inherit the achievements of 135 years of Christian educational history of Howe Military Academy, and wants to move forward following the call of the Lord Jesus Christ, to proclaim the gospel to all creation and make disciples of all nations.


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