Howe Campus to Preserve Historic Heritage of Faith and Art

The campus of Great Commission University (GCU) carries a rich heritage of Christian faith and artistic design.

The original school of the Howe campus was founded on a Christian basis in 1884, and has continuously kept its Christian identity.

Besides the spiritual focus, several campus buildings, including Saint James Chapel and Howe Mansion, were designed and constructed meeting high standards of art and architecture. The historic and artistic value of these campus buildings is recognized on state and federal level.

“We live on a campus that bears witness to generations of faith, and delights us with its distinguished charm and beauty, we deeply respect this rich heritage, and wish to preserve it and carry it further into the future,” shared Dr. Paul of GCU.

Currently the Howe Mansion is being prepared as campus guesthouse for visitors to enjoy the campus’ beauty during their stay.


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