Great Commission University Hosted Meeting with Public Representatives

Great Commission University Hosts Meeting with Public Representatives

Great Commission University (GCU) hosted a meeting with a group of Indiana State and LaGrange County representatives, Howe community leaders, local religious and business leaders, to share its vision, plan and progress of establishing the university. 

Besides GCU leadership, representatives of the World Olivet Assembly (WOA), owner of the campus and denominational umbrella organization of GCU, were present. 

Introduction and presentation were given by key leaders from WOA and GCU to explain the purpose and vision of GCU, its denominational background and affiliations.

Pastor Mark Spisak, General Secretary of World Olivet Assembly opened the meeting with prayer and gave an overview of vision, mission and structure of World Olivet Assembly as well as the journey of how God led WOA to consider to acquire the campus in Howe, Indiana. 

Pastor Stephen Tsang, representative of Para-church organizations under the WOA umbrella presented functions of fellowships with denominational structure and their contribution to expand the body of Christ. 

Paul Foerster, GCU President, presented on purpose, function and recent history of the university, summarized the current progress and outlined anticipated developments that lead towards full school operations. 

Pastor Nicolas Haman, GCU Chairman, explained the conditions of the campus site and facilities, and described ongoing and planned construction projects that will    current progress on renovation and preparation of facilities toward the commencement of the school. 

The presentations were received attentively, and a following time for discussion allowed to answer individual questions and clarify issues of process and anticipated timeline to prepare towards full operation of Great Commission University in Howe. 

Great Commission University anticipates to start the process of student selection from the World Olivet Assembly churches around the world once all legal approvals are met and the school starts its operation. Given the ongoing challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic, leadership of GCU hopes the situation improves in near future and they are preparing all necessary steps to be ready once the way to school operations is opened. Until then, preparations for online education is in place to pave the way to onsite programs. 

Through this meeting participants understood more clearly the vision and plan for the project of GCU, and they have explicitly expressed their excitement and support to the new school and revival of the historic Howe campus.


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