Pastors Report I.T. Ensures Church to Survive Crisis

Recently in reports by Christian statistics and research organizations, church pastors worldwide have declared that innovations regarding technology is what ensures that churches survive the pandemic crisis.

In a recent report by Barna Group, it was found that most pastors are focusing on hope as the primary core of their sermons, and at the same time, they are “communicating a message of faith and hope to people in the middle of the crisis.” Others are focused on “putting in place technology solutions for streaming our services and / or online giving” (25%), reflecting the need for the church community to continue gathering. Other priorities, though less pressing at the moment, include “collecting and distributing needed items like food / supplies / emergency funds” (4%), “offering ongoing digital or distance ministry options for our children / youth” (3%), “mobilizing people to serve our local community” (3%) and “putting in place the right safety measures to protect staff and congregants” (3%).

When asked where they have seen their church grow the most in this unprecedented time, nearly half of pastors (48%) select “innovation around technology.” Another one in five pastors (22%) affirms that “church leaders are taking more initiative and caring more deeply for congregants.” Eleven percent say their church has “increased commitment to prayer.” Other positive responses include: “greater spiritual openness in people’s hearts” (5%), “new and unexpected leaders stepping up” (3%), “our church stepping up to help our community” (3%), “attendance and engagement is increasing” (2%) and “increased small group attendance” (2%).

Given this, it’s not surprising that only a handful of pastors are worried about their church’s survival (5% unsure, 1% not very confident, 1% not at all confident). Though the challenges facing churches right now are clearly many, over nine in 10 pastors report that they are confident their church will survive the COVID-19 crisis (63% very confident, 31% confident).


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