GCU Mission Library Inauguration Unites Numerous Participants in Grace and Love


The inauguration of the William and Sally Wagner Mission Library at Great Commission University united numerous participants from different locations and ministries in grace and love from God. 

Testimonies for the honorees Dr. William and Sally were given in recognition of their hearts and work for Jesus Christ and the Great Commission.

Dr. Mark Wagner introduced the life, work and special character of his parents, while various Olivet leaders shared testimonies from the Wagners’ time with Olivet. The outstanding and faithful courage of Dr. William Wagner, and the caring heart, counseling gift and wisdom of Sally were repeatedly emphasized by all who congratulated them.

Leaders of various ministries came together in joyful fellowship and were strongly encouraged in their pursuit of the call of Christ to proclaim the Gospel to the world looking at the examplary lives of the honorees. 

Following the dedication ceremony in the morning, a time of sharing of mission experiences by Dr. William and Sally Wagner took place, with opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

The long day was concluded with a grace-filled Wednesday evening service, with a sermon delivered by GCU Chancellor Dr. Mark Wagner, who took the congregation on a picturesque journey of faith through the Alps. 

Reflections given by participants testified to the grace that God gave to them through this event.

“All GCU members are overwhelmed by and immensely thankful for the grace and blessing given to GCU through the library dedication and all the precious participants who joined us these three days,” concluded a GCU leader.


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