Importance of Research for Effective Cross-Cultural Missions

Missionaries are those who abandon everything in order to go to another location to evangelize for the sake of saving one more soul. The Bible describes through the exclamation of Apostle Paul (Romans 10:15) which quotes Isaiah (52:7) , “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

With the humble heart of serving and commitment in bringing the gospel to the lost souls, a missionary’s challenge is many times not the physical act of speaking out to those who are lost, but the ability in which they can plant the gospel deeply into the hearts of those who are listening, and how to help them to make the gospel their own.

“The culture and the folktales that are believed within each country greatly shape the foundation on which they perceive the words and concepts within Christianity. The national characteristics, history, political biases, greatly affect the perceptions towards the great commission and the impressions upon the works of the church. It is important for us to understand them properly so that we can avoid misunderstandings and aid them to cross barriers in which Christianity becomes a cultural abnormality,” shared one World Olivet Assembly missionary.

“When we try to make the gospel understood in a nation, we do not try to take our own gospel from our own perspective and force it down the throats of the new culture. Rather, we shed our previous incorrect assumptions over the gospel and dress it up into new clothes for the new culture. When we fully understand the people we are teaching, then we can form passionate lovers of God from every tribe and every nation.”

Newly appointed missionaries are encouraged to read several famous books especially those that can provide insights into religious perspectives. They should be committed to fully comprehend the language of their native lands and be able to utilize the language as a weapon for the Gospel of Christ to win against all spiritual battles within sermons and during counseling.


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