How To Strike Up Conversations With Non-Christian Friends

During a recent research into statistics regarding the preferences of non-Christians when they discuss about faith with Christians, Great Commission University discovered interesting techniques which will aid members to reach out to those who are non-Christian.

It was discovered through a research performed by Barna Group, that 62% non-Christians would like to discuss about faith with a Christian who listens without judgment, but only 34% of the Christians they know personally are actually capable of listening with the heart of grace.

50% of non-Christians would like to talk with a Christian who does not force a conclusion upon the topic of discussion, but only 26% of the Christians they know are able to provide a logical discussion without unreasonable conclusions made.

It was also discovered that 33% of non-Christians actually appreciate confidence from churchgoers regarding their own beliefs, and they believe that 28% of their close Christian friends are already confident in this regard.

27% of non-Christians appreciate discussions with those who are good at asking questions, but only 16% of Christians they know personally are good at asking questions. 29% of non-Christians wished to talk with those who are interested in other people’s lives, but only 17% of Christians they know are caring about others.

The research by Barna Group has inspired OCWM to investigate more on evangelism strategies and missionary training to better reach and touch the hearts of those who are evangelized. An obvious benefit to the research was upon friendship evangelism which has become increasingly popular this year among World Olivet Assembly (WOA) members.


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